Big-Top Circus Birthday Party for Marley & Kelsey

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These fantastic circus party pictures and ideas come all the way from England. My customer Lindsey graciously shared these from her four-year-old son Marley and one-year-old daughter Kelsey's circus birthday party for your enjoyment and inspiration.

With balloons galore and over-the-top decor, Lindsey did an excellent job of creating an instant wow factor and transforming an ordinary meeting space into a festive big-top circus tent.

While Lindsey already had an absolutely stunning event planned, she used both my Party Planning and Party-in-a-Box Shopping Services to supplement her ideas with even more unique circus party supplies and decorations to ensure no detail would be overlooked.

She was also able to take ideas from my original circus theme post by having Marley dress as a circus ringmaster. Too cute!! 

Kelsey looks absolutely adorable in this clown outfit that we had handmade just for her. I love having the guests of honor dress to match their party theme.

In addition to a variety of fun carnival games with prizes, Lindsey created an eye-catching concession area at the party with a popcorn cart, slush puppie machine, hot dogs, and an old-timey candy stall.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

As Lindsey shows, circus parties are great for both boys or girls and, especially, for joint parties for multiple children. This theme can be scaled up or down depending on the size of your guest list, too, making it one of my favorite party themes.

It was a such a joy helping with Marley and Kelsey's circus party.  Thanks so much, Lindsey! Can't wait until next year!

UPDATE: I have a new line of Circus/Carnival party products!

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