Handmade Circus Birthday Party: Let Your Birthday Boy Be the Ringleader

Circus parties have been on my mind a lot lately, and I think this would be a wonderful theme for a little boy's birthday party. There are so many off-the-shelf products available at craft, discount, and party stores to get you started, so all you have to do is add a few handmade touches to personalize your party and make it special.

Here are a few circus birthday party ideas:
  • Set the circus stage.
    Create a big-top tent by stringing long lengths of netting in various colors from your ceiling in the center of your room to the edges. Helium balloons, string lights, and triangular pennant banner flags would make festive additions. If you have a brightly colored metal or plastic tub, flip it upside down to create an elephant step that can be used in the circus show. Maybe add a bench for performers to stand on in the center of the room, too.
  • Let the birthday boy be the circus ringmaster.
    When guests arrive, usher them to a seat, hand them a small popcorn bag (available at Hobby Lobby) filled to the top, and tell them that the show will begin momentarily. Have the birthday boy ringleader make a grand entrance to start the party. For entertainment, he could perform a magic trick or show how he has tamed a wild beast (aka your family pet). He could get your dog to do some tricks or hold your cat's front paws to it walk across the stage on two legs.

    Be creative and get the whole family involved. Create signs to introduce different segments of the show and, most importantly, one that says, "Applause!" Siblings could perform supporting acts or assist the ringleader. This is a great time showcase special talents and reuse old dance recital or Halloween costumes. Have mom or dad make a drum roll to create suspense during performances. Practice ahead of time and try to keep the show to about 15 minutes, since young guests may have short attention spans.

  • Give out tickets to play carnival party games.
    After the show, take the guests to your backyard to play a variety of carnival-style party games. Kids will enjoy handing over tickets, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart or other discount stores, to play the games. If desired, make your own tickets with the birthday boy's name featured prominently.

    The games can be simple with dollar-store prizes. Collect and stack soda cans to see if guests can knock them over by shooting at them with a water gun or by tossing a tennis ball. Create a ring-toss with 2-liter soda bottles and a ring made from a plastic container lid with the center cut out. Kids can guess how many M&Ms are in a jar. Have a sibling try to guess a kid's weight before checking the estimate with a bathroom scale. There's a million games you can create with items found around your house. Create signs for each game station to give them a uniform look.

  • Ringling Bros. animal crackers make the perfect circus party favor.
    Since the box is already decorated like a circus car full of animals, just add a cute tag with ribbon to thank your guests for attending.

UPDATE: Get even more party ideas with my Circus Party Planning Guide! I also have a new line of Circus/Carnival party products!

For more circus party ideas, check out this blog post from Kara's Party Ideas. She had an impeccable eye for detail when transforming her backyard into a circus midway with complete with carnival party games. You can get lots of ideas from the many pictures featured, including the one shown below.

Add a comment to share your circus party ideas or pictures.

UPDATE: I have a new line of Circus/Carnival party products!

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