Beautiful Homemade Birthday Cookies

This weekend was my birthday, and my sweet mother-in-law, Beth, went all out and made these super cute birthday party cookies in light pink and lime green.

This picture really doesn't do the birthday cookies justice because you can't see all the sparkly sugar and precious details.   They looked so cute in person displayed on a cookie sheet with doily on top. (Have I ever told you how much I LOVE paper doilies?) There was just enough frosting on the little hearts in the center to hold birthday candles for wishing, too.

Best of all the homemade cookies were so delicious and were a special birthday gift themselves. The next day, I literally ate them for breakfast, lunch, and snacks in between.  Over the last few weeks, our family has had a lot of cake, so these birthday cookies were a wonderful change of pace. 

If you've got an intimate party planned for any occasion, consider spelling out a special greeting in cookies like these.  I've been reading on a lot of websites lately that you can make and freeze your party cookies weeks ahead, and then frost them the night before your event.  (Let me know if you've tried that before.) The more you can get done in advance the better!

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