One Handmade Party Touch Does the Trick

Handmade items can really make parties special. It shows you put a little extra thought into the event - even if you don't make the item(s) yourself, and that goes a long way towards showing your guests how much you care. But don't feel like you have to go overboard. One handmade party touch might be all you need.

I'm a big fan of mixing in a little handmade with a themed party products that you can get at Target, Party City, Hobby Lobby, and countless online party vendors.

For example, take this invitation. My friend Jessica fell in love with a themed party set she found online called The Big One for her son's first birthday party. It is precious in greens and blues with little bears in party outfits. She got the plates, napkins, banner, decorations, you name it to really carry out the theme at the party. She even had a cupcake cake made in the shape of a large number 1...too cute! The only handmade touch was this invitation I was able to create for her. We wanted something fun and playful, and you wouldn't believe how excited her guests were to receive it in the mail. I'd like to think it boosted attendance *just kidding*. It certainly didn't hurt, though.

My point is this - one homemade touch can be all you need to let your guests or guest(s) of honor know how special a particular event is. It shows that you put in a lot of thought and planning, and you'll be envied by all as a super hostess!

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